Open Source Projects from June Meeting

At the last meeting we went around the room and asked “What is a recent open source project you either used or are excited about?” Here were your answers.

  • FMDB - A Cocoa / Objective-C wrapper around SQLite.
  • ASIHTTPRequest - Easy to use CFNetwork wrapper for HTTP requests, Objective-C, Mac OS X and iPhone.
  • Seriously - Seriously mixes Blocks with NSURLConnection & NSOperationQueue to do REST calls.
  • Three20 - a collection of iPhone UI classes, like a photo viewer, and general utilities, like an HTTP disk cache.
  • Cocos2D - a framework for building 2D games, demos, and other graphical/interactive applications.
  • Sensible TableView - From your Core Data models or Objective C classes to your final application in less than 5 minutes.
  • Corey’s HTTPRequest - Block based HTTP requests.
  • MGTwitterEngine - Objective-C Twitter integration library for Mac OS X and iPhone.
  • Kal - A calendar component for the iPhone (the UI is designed to match MobileCal)
  • MagicalRecord - Super Awesome Easy Fetching for Core Data
  • Chameleon - UIKit for Mac development.
  • PGP Encryption - Pretty Good Privacy
  • TouchJSON - A humane JSON Objective-C un-framework.
  • YAJL - Objective-C bindings for YAJL (Yet Another JSON Library) C library
  • AQAppStateMachine - An application state machine, based on matching values within bitfields to trigger actions supplied using Blocks.
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Introduction Question

For anyone who hasn’t been to a recent meeting (shame on you!), we typically open up with round the room introductions and try to have an interesting question for people to answer. This month we are giving everyone a little notice so they can do some homework if needed.

The question this month will be “What is a recent open source project you either used or are excited about?”

For anyone looking for ideas, check out CocoaObjects for a great listing of open source project that might give you some inspiration.

We’ll document the list and post on the site with a recap.

(Inspiration for this question is from member Kotaro Fujita. Thanks for the suggestion!)

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June Meeting Agenda

The next Philly CocoaHeads meeting will be Thursday, June 16th 7-9pm at Indy Hall. Post-meeting drinks commence afterwords; National Mechanics is our usual hangout.

You’ll need to use the intercom to get in (#022). If you are having any trouble feel free to call MikeZ’s cell (267-563-0616) and we’ll be sure to get you in.

We usually all chip in and order some pizza and refreshments, so if you can bring a few bucks for that please do.

Meeting Agenda

Introductions & Group Business

  • New Office Hours Schedule
  • Big Nerd Ranch “Mobile for Global Good” contest
  • Upcoming Events: iOSDevCampDC, SecondConf, i360

Show and Tell

In addition to being an open mic to demo new apps or code, Show and Tell also invites people to bring problems or design issues they are encountering in current projects for feedback.

WWDC Recap

We had a handful of local friends make the trip out to San Francisco for WWDC and at this meeting we’ll have a roundtable discussion of what’s new both Lion as well as iOS 5 (including iCloud).

To prepare for the meeting be sure to check out the Apple docs, including:

About CocoaHeads

PhillyCocoa is a Philadelphia area Mac and iPhone programming group, a chapter of the worldwide CocoaHeads. All skill levels are welcome. The only requirement is an interest in Apple-related technologies and moderate tolerance for geeking out.

We hold our CocoaHeads group meetings on the second Thursday of every month at Indy Hall. A calendar feed can be found on the PhillyCocoa website.

We are always looking for feedback and suggestions on what topics to discuss at our meetings. We have a public writeroom (password is “password”) where we try to keep tabs on what people are interested in hearing about. Feel free to append your own ideas, especially if you are interested in speaking.

Group website:

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New Office Hours Schedule

Update: Moved to Thursdays, to avoid conflict with the main Android Alliance Meetings.

We are bringing some stability to our Office Hours. Moving forward we will be having them monthly, the fourth Thursday of the month, 6pm-9pm at IndyHall.

The next one will be Thursday, June 23rd.

In addition to Mac/iOS developers we also will be welcoming Android developers from the new Android Alliance group. They will be scheduling a similar meetup (details to come) which will welcome iOS developers. It is our hope by having bi-weekly office hours everyone will have an opportunity to get some help and have some solid coding time with local friends.

Since this is still new and we don’t want to waste a mentor’s time we do ask that you RSVP.

If you’d prefer not to create an anyvite account, please just shoot us a private email. Thanks!

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