December Meeting Agenda

Special Note: This month the meeting is Wednesday instead of Thursday!

The next Philly CocoaHeads meeting will be Wednesday, December 11th 7-9pm at the Apple Store on 16th and Walnut. After meeting drinks will commence at a local bar to be named.

When you arrive at the Apple Store let one of the store employees know you are there for CocoaHeads and they will let you into the back where you can come up to the second floor briefing room space. If you are having any trouble feel free to call MikeZ’s cell (267-563-0616)

We’ll have pizza and refreshments available. If you can, please bring a few bucks to chip in. Please RSVP via Meetup so we have enough pizza.

For folks who drive in and need parking one lot recommend by the store is from Patriot Parking on Chancellor Street.

Meeting Agenda

Group Business

  • November Hackday Recap
  • December Hackday, Saturday Dec 28th @ IndyHall
  • Employment Exchange submissions welcome.

Show and Tell

In addition to being an open mic to demo new apps or code, Show and Tell also invites people to bring problems or design issues they are encountering in current projects for feedback.

Some planned show and tell includes:

  • M7 fun and some awesome CocoaPods — Curtis Herbert
  • Toolbag Demo(1) — Jeff Russell

(1) Marmoset Toolbag is a real-time renderer for mac and windows. Version 1.0 has been a windows app for a few years, and for version 2.0 I’ve added Mac support.


Pursuing an “iPad First” Strategy, Joe Cieplinski

Conventional wisdom on the App Store says that because there are far more iPhone customers than iPad customers, developers are better served making apps primarily for iPhone. I disagree.

For small indie developers, trying to compete in the mass market is extremely risky. You’re putting yourself up against VC-funded companies with far more money and resources than you could ever afford and playing in a market where 99-cents is now considered expensive.

On the iPad, however, there is still room for a small company with talent to find success by creating apps that serve a specific niche market. Solve big problems for small groups of people, and those people will be glad to pay you handsomely. Meanwhile, you’ll face less competition from the Silicon Valley startups who are too busy trying to get bought by Facebook or Twitter.

You’re looking for a different kind of customer. One who understands the value an iPad can bring to his or her specific situation.

Recently, Apple seems to have come around to the idea that an iPad without interesting apps isn’t a very useful product. The new Life on iPad series on is a cue to developers that this is the time to focus on those things that the iPad does, as Steve Jobs put it, “way better than a laptop, and way better than a smart phone.” Find apps that make the iPad really shine, and you’ll be far more likely to carve your own success story.

Joe Cieplinski is Creative Director at Bombing Brain Interactive, makers of Teleprompt+ and Setlists. He is also co-host of the weekly podcast Release Notes with Charles Perry. He is a South Philadelphia native who now works from his home office in Manhattan.

About CocoaHeads

PhillyCocoa is a Philadelphia area Mac and iPhone programming group, a chapter of the worldwide CocoaHeads. All skill levels are welcome. The only requirement is an interest in Apple-related technologies and moderate tolerance for geeking out.

The main CocoaHeads group meeting is the second Thursday of every month. We also usually have a hackday one Saturday a month. For more on our events see our Meetup page:

We are always looking for feedback and suggestions on what topics to discuss at our meetings. Please reach out if you have any comments.

Group website:

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