December Meeting Notes

We had an AMAZING meeting this time. Such a diverse set of presentation. There was something for everyone here.


We’d like to thank Apple for hosting us again at the Apple Store. The office is definitely a fantastic platform for this event.

We’d also like to thank Comcast for supplying this month’s pizza and some snazzy swag. They are looking to hire some seasoned iOS developers. If you are interested, please check out their job description here:

Their CIM division is dynamic teams to work for and always working on cutting edge stuff. Its the kinda place where you can really put your skills to the test and grow as a developer.

Show & Tell:

Jeff Russell got us started off with a great demo of Toolbag. A real time rendering app for 3D models. Fantastic for testing 3D game models against and HDRI background. They have a 30 day trial. You can check them out here:

Check out Toolbag

Curtis Herbert showed us some amazing Cocoapods that he used to help build his Slopes app. We will be provide a more in-depth look at all of them (along with the slides) in a later posts. In the meantime:

Get Slopes

Ameer Carter show off his amazing iPhone app, Feels. Its an app that helps with your major decisions in life. Imagine a bunch of harden, cynical developers turn to mush by this well crafted app. It was that amazing. More than anything, its a wonderful iOS7 experience and the kinda app where you go, “I wish I had thought of that”.

Check out Feels


Joe Cieplinski, Creative Director of Bombing Brain Interactive gave us a wonderful case for building iPad first. Can do more with the screen real estate. Smaller amount of apps means less competition. Customers willing to pay more for these apps. Markets still in need of good apps. And those are just a few points he makes. Smart, funny, and informative talk. Also, if you are in need of a teleprompt iPad app. There’s no substitute:

Check out Teleprompt

Thanks to all our presenters! You all made this a memorable meeting.

If you want to do a talk or show-and-tell, feel free to contact any of the our host directors or make a comment in our Meetup group. We look forward to seeing what you’ve been working on.

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