CocoaLove Conference 2016

Its back for another year!

For anyone who has never heard, CocoaLove is a conference that brings the Apple community together and focuses on talks that aren’t deprecated at the next WWDC. It’s structured to build meaningful connections throughout the weekend that are more than just a stack of business cards. Join and enjoy a unique Philly experience.

After the huge success with the new scholarship program last year, they’re bringing it back! Are you a woman, minority, single parent, LGBTQIA, or disabled individual? Read more and learn to help make CocoaLove more accessible to you. If you’re considering attending CocoaLove this year please consider donating towards the scholarship fund.

Speaking of “if you’re planning on attending” early bird tickets are now on sale! Like, right now. It can be hard to sell employers on business trips later in the year, especially in the later summer after the massive WWDC’s expense has hit, so they wanted to make sure you have the best odds of attending by opening up sales much earlier than normal.

Details can be found here:

Check out our 2014 videos here:…e2014

We also have our first set of 2015 videos out with a new set trickling in every day this week:…e2015

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