CocoaHead Meeting Changes

New Start Time

We are changing the meeting times for our main, second Thursday of the month, meeting.

Doors will now open at 6pm (was 6:30pm) for pizza and socializing. The meeting itself will start at 6:30pm and we’ll shoot to end the meeting at 8:30pm (was 9:00pm). The goal of this change is to be a better guest of Apple and provide their cleaning crew enough time to restore the Briefing Room before the store officially closes.

Please continue to RSVP via

Presentation Etiquette

To help make sure we keep our agenda times, we will now ask that people hold their questions until the end of the presentations, and then give them only when time is available. This should help people stay closer to their planned script as well as make sure everyone on the agenda, including the final speaker, has the expected time to do their presentation. The leadership will make some changes to how we display our timer so everyone is aware where they stand.

If you’d like to present in 2017 contact

Your Feedback Welcome

If you have any feedback on these or other changes / additions you’d like to see come in 2017 from CocoaHeads, let the leadership know. We may have some extra funding for something new and we welcome your feedback on what that should be.

Thanks for your continued participation in our local Apple developer community.

~ Mike Zornek


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