Book Club: Sprite Kit starts Nov 14th!

Michael Mayher shares:

Our next session of Book Club will feature “Dive Into SpriteKit” by Paul Hudson. I think this book is ideally suited to our needs. Appleā€™s SpriteKit SDK is the perfect way to explore developing 2D games and animations. Do you remember the interactive “Make Your Own Adventure” books? Well, Paul has done something similar with “Dive Into SpriteKit”. Each of the major projects has points where you decide the direction in which the game should proceed. Should it be an up in the air scrolling platformer where your jet airplane battles enemy fighters or a more slow moving submarine avoiding mines and deep sea monsters. Everyone is sure to create unique variations on the base project which they can then present to their club mates, explaining how they implemented their choices and showing off any cool features they added.

Join us starting Tuesday November 14th at 8PM to begin building your own adventures in SpriteKit.

To prepare for the first session:

1) Buy the book.

The ebook can be purchased for $25 (a $5 discount) at:

2) Show up on on GoToMeeting at 8PM on Tuesday November 14th.

Book Club will be every Tuesday at 8PM.

Attend Book Club:

Via the web at:

or Dial in by calling (224) 501-3412

or Download the Mac app from:

Access Code: 898-417-645

Discussions between sessions occur on the Book Club Slack channel. Get access via:

If you have questions, contact me on Slack (@jm2software) or via e-mail at