Monthly Meeting @ Apple Store

Show and Tell

The New PhillyCocoa Website, Mike Zornek

In this quick show and tell I’ll show the work I’ve been doing to relaunch the group website and what you can do help and contribute.

The Model-View-Update Architecture – Learning from Elm and Redux, Kostas

A safer, cleaner way to build apps. And why Haskell programmers aren’t so crazy after all.

The OSOM Box – Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Julia Gao Miller

Using the Particle Photon microcontroller to build an Internet-connected, app-controlled, rules-based lockbox.


Preview of Erica Sadun’s new Swift Style Book, Mohammad Faani

This new book can help you discover the do’s and don’ts involved in crafting readable Swift code. You’ll explore common Swift coding challenges and the best practices that address them. In this talk we’ll overview some of the guidelines and give you a taste of what the book is like.

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