Philly CocoaHeads Book Club featuring Swift Coding Challenges by Paul Hudson

Our Book this term is Swift Coding Challenges by Paul Hudson.  Chock full of fun, enlightening, and stimulating puzzles and problems, you won’t be able to stop yourself from reaching for the next one.

Whether your goal is to level up in Swift or prepare for your next job interview, I can think of no better preparation.  I started each day with a new Swift Code Challenge as a way to get myself in the right head space for coding.

Book Club sessions will be interactive and fun as you present your solutions and review each others code - looking at simplicity, performance, and ‘Swift’iness.  There is no barrier to jumping in at any time as the challenges are completely independent.

The ebook can be purchased for $20 at:

Book Club will be every Tuesday at 8PM.

Attend Book Club:

Via the web at:

or Dial in by calling (224) 501-3412 

or Download the Mac app from:

Access Code: 898-417-645

If you have questions, contact me on Slack (@jm2software) or via e-mail at  

Regards, Michael

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