Book Club: Sprite Kit starts Nov 14th!

Michael Mayher shares: Our next session of Book Club will feature “Dive Into SpriteKit” by Paul Hudson. I think this book is ideally suited to our needs. Appleā€™s SpriteKit SDK is the perfect way to explore developing 2D games and animations. Do you remember the interactive “Make Your Own Adventure” books? Well, Paul has done something similar with “Dive Into SpriteKit”. Each of the major projects has points where you decide the direction in which the game should proceed. [Read More]

Leadership Status Update

Hi everyone. Hope all is well. I thought I’d send out a little status update on the leadership for Philly CocoaHeads and how we are preparing for my handoff at the end of the year, specifically how my responsibilies will be split up. The role of “Lead Organzer” will be carried on by Curtis Herbert. Curtis has been a long time member and volenteer within the group. I’m confident he’ll be great at focusing the vision of the group. [Read More]

CocoaHeads Leadership, Looking for More

A message from Mike Zornek, Lead Organizer: Hey everyone. Hope all is going well. At the last meeting I shared some news with those in attendance and want to now share it with you all. After much consideration I’ve decided to step down from the Philly CocoaHeads leadership. It has been my honor and privilege over the last seven years to help organize Philly CocoaHeads. I’m extremely proud of the community we’ve grown and step down knowing it will continue to thrive in the years ahead. [Read More]

More Info on the Main Meeting Improvements

We have a lot of tweaks/improvements planed for the main meeting format and to help set expectations I wanted to post some notes beforehand. First, the next meeting (Thursday, July 13th) will be held at IndyHall instead of the Apple Store. We announced this change back in May and we hope the more open floor plan of IndyHall will let us do things we could not before, as well as host more people. [Read More]

Half Day iOS Refactoring Workshop in July

The following event is not affiliated with Philly CocoaHeads but we share it here, like we have shared previous education opportunities and conferences that our members might be interested in. iOS Refactoring Workshop ran by fellow CocoaHead, Mike Zornek. Throwing away bad code and writing something new from scratch is both risky and expensive. You need to avoid this temptation and instead learn to master small improvements over time. [Read More]

Main Meeting Moving Back to IndyHall in July

The next main meeting for Philly CocoaHeads will be June 15th at the Apple Store. For our July 13th meeting we are headed back to IndyHall. For long time members you may remember we originally met at IndyHall. These days IndyHall is at a new venue on 4th and Market Street, in the Colonial Penn Building. They have a very large and open floor plan with an education and gallery space. [Read More]

WWDC 2017 Stream Event

Similar to past years we’ll be holding a local WWDC event for those of us who are not headed out west. On the opening Monday of the conference, June 5th, we’ll meetup at IndyHall. From 12:30-3pm we’ll stream the main Keynote, and from 5-6:30pm we’ll show the Developer State of the Union. Come and go as you need. In between, feel free to mingle with your fellow Philly CocoaHeads and IndyHall members. [Read More]

360iDev Conference: Ticket Winners and Coupon Code

360iDev is a popular long standing iOS conference out of Denver Colorado. This year’s conference is being held August 13-16, 2017 and like previous years they have reached out to the CocoaHead community. We were given two (2) free tickets to this year’s conference and did a raffle for them. Congrats to Logan Henderson and Joshua Auriemma on their ticket winnings. We look forward to hearing what you learned at the conference at an upcoming meeting. [Read More]

New Website

After being on the wishlist for a while we are finally putting some effort into updating our group’s website. The main tool we’re using is Hugo, a static site creator written in Go. The website repo is open source and we encourage everyone to check it out and offer feedback and updates. Thanks for your interest. ~ Mike Zornek [Read More]