Half Day iOS Refactoring Workshop in July

The following event is not affiliated with Philly CocoaHeads but we share it here, like we have shared previous education opportunities and conferences that our members might be interested in.

iOS Refactoring Workshop ran by fellow CocoaHead, Mike Zornek.

Throwing away bad code and writing something new from scratch is both risky and expensive. You need to avoid this temptation and instead learn to master small improvements over time.

Refactoring is the art of improving code without changing user behavior. Adding dedicated refactoring time to your workflow and sprints can pay for itself many times over in both added source code flexibility and application stability.

In this workshop we will review refactoring concepts from a high level and then explore example cases found in many iOS projects. As a group we’ll refactor a sample project and discuss the benefits of our changes. We’ll then work on our own (or in pairs) to execute what we’ve learned and then demonstrate the results for the class.

This workshop is targeted at those iOS developers who are getting over the hump of learning iOS and now want to know how to write higher quality iOS code. This workshop is capped at 12 people to make sure there is plenty of time for questions and individual attention.

The workshop is Saturday, July 22nd at IndyHall. Tickets for the half day cost $189. For more information and agenda, see the event page.

Local performances of this workshop (and others in development) are available for corporate purchase. Contact Mike Zornek for more information.