Leadership Status Update

Hi everyone. Hope all is well.

I thought I’d send out a little status update on the leadership for Philly CocoaHeads and how we are preparing for my handoff at the end of the year, specifically how my responsibilies will be split up.

The role of “Lead Organzer” will be carried on by Curtis Herbert. Curtis has been a long time member and volenteer within the group. I’m confident he’ll be great at focusing the vision of the group.

Our Main Meeting jobs will be shared by a trio of folks. Curtis will be our main master of cerimonies and Tarika Chawla will help with speaker organization. Kotaro Fujita will continue with his role as main greeter.

Michael Mayer will step up to help handle our accounting books and fundraising. He’ll have to work out with Curtis on the specifics of such fund management but we have some ideas on how we might register as a proper entity for tax purposes (Business League looking like a reasonable option).

We have also heard from other members who are interested in more remote-friendly / online dudties (Gillian Reynolds-Titko, Gregory Williams, Matt Smollinger). Keeping our website up-to-date is one such project and I’ll work to help make sure it’s documented as best as I can before I go. As of now, it’s pretty easy to update the website via it’s github repo and auto deployments of master. Anyone can make a PR to fix an issue or post to the blog.

Other projects of Philly CocoaHeads like Book Club and Side Project Staturday will continue. There is also interest in rekindling our Suburban SPS version as well as a podcast of some sort. There are still pleanty of opportunities to get involved, so if something sounds interesting to you, speak up and get active.

Thanks for your interest. If you have any feedback, feel free to email me or the leadership directly.

~ Mike Zornek