July Meeting Agenda

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The next Philly CocoaHeads meeting will be Thursday, July 13th from 6:30pm - 9:00pm at IndyHall, on the 3rd floor of the Colonial Penn Building at 4th and Market. After meeting drinks will commence at National Mechanics at 22 South 3rd Street.

Please RSVP via Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/PhillyCocoaHeads/

For folks who drive in and need parking the closet garage is the Bourse Garage on 4th between Market and Chestnut. Website says there is a “Evening, In After 5pm / Out By 7am” for $8.50. Needs confirmation.

Meeting Agenda

Build apps that communicate with everyone in the world. Voice & Video, Messaging, and Authentication APIs for every application. Twilio is a software and cloud-based communications platform that enables the rapid build and deploy of powerful, flexible business communications solutions.

Twilio continues to be a huge supporter of Philly CocoaHeads. Many members have used Twilio technology in projects to great effect. If you have any questions, our local rep is Brent Schooley brent@twilio.com.


Learn by Teaching: The unexpected benefits of mentoring others, Kostas and YingYing Zhang

I’ve been doing a good deal of informal teaching and mentoring the past few months, and exploring ways to teach programming to someone with no experience.

I can talk a little bit about what I’ve tried, lessons learned, and my assessment of existing solutions for learning to code. And try to make the case for why all developers should mentor someone, and the unexpected benefits of doing so. I also can touch briefly on a new app-making platform we’ve been playing around with called Fuse. It lets you build pretty sophisticated UI using just an HTML-like markup language. It’s been really great for teaching the basic concepts of app development.

Persistence, Curtis Herbert

There are a lot of ways to save data in iOS, so when you’re getting started it can be hard to figure out which way makes the most sense for what you’re doing. We’ll go over the most common ways to save and retrieve data in iOS (including code examples), along with some insights into the tradeoffs each method comes with.