January Meeting Agenda

The next Philly CocoaHeads meeting will be Thursday, January 10th at IndyHall, located at 4th and Market (the 3rd floor of the Colonial Penn Building). After meeting drinks will commence at 2nd Story Brewing Co at 117 Chestnut Street.

Please RSVP via Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/PhillyCocoaHeads/

For folks who drive in and need parking the closest garage is the Bourse Garage on 4th between Market and Chestnut. Website says there is a “Evening, In After 5pm / Out By 7am” for $8.50.

Before the Meeting

We meet out of Indy Hall, a co-working community in Old City. They’ve extended a discount to our group to come in early and work out of Indy Hall for the day. When you get there, mention CocoaHeads and you’ll receive $10 off the normal drop-in rate (you’ll get in for $20). Many CocoaHeads members are also Indy Hall members, so you’ll see some of us around. Avoid the rush hour commute and join us!

Meeting Agenda

Social Hour

When the doors open we kick off the meeting with our social hour. Don’t skip out on this - it’s the perfect time to say hi to new members, hack on a side project, and pick each others’ brains about problems you’re running into. Bring your laptop and take advangage of our helpful community to push through that problem you just can’t quite seem to Stack Overflow your way out of. The outside doors are locked by 7:00PM, so come join us for the Social Hour before the Main Meeting begins.

Build apps that communicate with everyone in the world. Voice & Video, Messaging, and Authentication APIs for every application. Twilio is a software and cloud-based communications platform that enables the rapid build and deploy of powerful, flexible business communications solutions.

Twilio continues to be a huge supporter of Philly CocoaHeads. Many members have used Twilio technology in projects to great effect. If you have any questions, our local rep is Brent Schooley brent@twilio.com.

The Meet Group (NASDAQ: MEET) is a portfolio of mobile social entertainment apps designed to meet the universal need for human connection. We leverage a powerful live-streaming video platform, empowering our global community to forge meaningful connections. Our primary apps, MeetMe®, LOVOO®, Skout®, and Tagged®, entertain millions of mobile daily active users, generating untold numbers of casual chats, friendships, dates, and marriages. Our apps, available on iPhone, iPad, and Android in multiple languages, combine product innovation with sophisticated data science to both entertain and connect our audience. The Meet Group has a diversified revenue mix consisting of in-app purchases, subscription, and advertising, and we have offices in New Hope, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Dresden, and Berlin.

For more information, visit The Meet group.com, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


Show and Tell: UI/UX Tricks and Tools - Kotaro Fujita

Over my career, I have done a ton of front-end design work for many clients. This meeting, I will do live demos of some tricks and tools that I’ve learned over the years to help clients get a better sense of their final product.

Designing a Modern Swift Network Stack: Michael Zornek

When an app is young and has simple networking needs it’s not uncommon to use URLSession tasks directly inside of a view controller. However as the app needs grow to include things like authenticated requests, token renewal, testing, cancelation, caching and more – you’ll want to have a more defined networking stack to lean on. On a client project over the summer, the iOS team and I started to document a networking wish list and over the past few months we’ve started to execute it, first on some smaller features and then a demo app. Now we are preparing for a new greenfield iOS app where we should be able to hit the ground running with our new ideas.

In this talk I’ll review the network design we’ve come up with. I’ll demo what we have working and talk about how we want to extend it in the future. Attendees should walk away with new ideas that they can integrate into their own networking code.