May Meeting Agenda

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The next Philly CocoaHeads meeting will be Thursday, May 11th from 6:00pm - 8:30pm at the Apple Store on 16th and Walnut. After meeting drinks will commence at Fox and Hound Sports Bar at 1501 Spruce Street.

Please RSVP via Meetup:

When you arrive at the Apple Store let one of the store employees know you are there for CocoaHeads and they will let you into the back where you can come up to the second floor briefing room space.

For folks who drive in and need parking one lot recommend by the store is from LAZ Parking on Chancellor Street.

Meeting Agenda

Build apps that communicate with everyone in the world. Voice & Video, Messaging, and Authentication APIs for every application. Twilio is a software and cloud-based communications platform that enables the rapid build and deploy of powerful, flexible business communications solutions.

Twilio continues to be a huge supporter of Philly CocoaHeads. Many members have used Twilio technology in projects to great effect. If you have any questions, our local rep is Brent Schooley


Understanding the Many Ways UIViewControllers Can Load Views, Mike Zornek

With recent changes, Xcode now forces the use of Storyboards. While such technology can be helpful it can also start to feel like “magic”. In this talk we’ll break down how UIViewControllers loads views, programmatically, using XIBs and finally with Storyboards.

Using Sketch Artboards to export App Icon/Screenshots, Kotaro Fujita

There are many ways to export the dozens of app icons and screenshots for App submission. That can be painful when you have a ton of sizes to remember. While not perfect by any means, I’ve made a simple way to manage this using Sketch’s Artboards.

Roundtable: Xcode Tips and Tricks

We’ll have Xcode running on the projector and will go around the room asking for their favorite tips and tricks.