#12: GroceryTimer.app with Arpit Mathur

With all of us getting busy with work, we are using this opportunity to experiment with the podcast format and bring a spotlight to other developers in the community. Our first guest to the POD is Arpit Mathur, creator of GroceryTimer.app. This app was our Not a Sponsor last time and since it was recently released, we thought it would be fun to discuss the how’s and why’s of its creation. Arpit is always a pleasure to converse with and we delve into several interesting aspects of the app’s creation, design, and technologies as well as how Arpit is experimenting with the Virtual Meetup format of Philly’s Google Developer Group using tools like Twitter Spaces. It’s a fascinating and entertaining conversation. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Download GroceryTimer.app

Topics Discussed:

Intro music: “When I Hit the Floor”, © 2021 Lorne Behrman. Used with permission of the artist.