#39: The Spirit of Skeuomorphism

The trio is back from The State of the Mobile Union event where fun was had by all and minds were expanded about the possibilities of mobile development! Plus, the Comcast Technology Center is cool! We continue to slowly build PickleJarTodo with Kotaro putting into practice the ideas he espoused at his talk for our UI. In our newly restored Not a Sponsor segment, we check-in with the current state of Arpit’s GroceryTimer app, which might just be what Steve needs to avoid rotten strawberries. Plus, the trio discuss some thoughts on the much rumored Apple AR/VR Goggles, what the heck we might be able to do with it, and some thoughts on what might be coming (or we hope is coming) at WWDC23 this year. It’s a jam-packed episode. I hope you have a long walk planned for today, Zorn!

Topics Discussed:

Intro music: “When I Hit the Floor”, © 2021 Lorne Behrman. Used with permission of the artist.