#42: Championing the iPad With Joe Cieplinski

This week, the trio is joined by our good friend and Philly CocoaHeads alum, Joe Cieplinski. Joe is an accomplished designer who transitioned into iOS development and has built multiple apps for iPhone and iPad. With the recent announcement of Final Cut and Logic on iPad, it feels like a new era of pro iPad apps may be on the horizon and there is no one better to talk to about iPad apps than Joe. In this wide-ranging discussion, we touch on Joe’s journey from teacher to designer to developer of awesome iOS apps, his former podcast and sometimes current conference, Release Notes, plus a whole lotta iPad talk. What makes iPad a unique computing device? What kind of apps thrive? Has Apple lost its way navigating the path between simplicity and power with iPadOS? What do we hope to see at WWDC this year? All that and much more is covered in this very fun conversation between old friends. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed:

Intro music: “When I Hit the Floor”, © 2021 Lorne Behrman. Used with permission of the artist.