#54: Scary Fast Opportunities

The trio are riding a sugar high from Halloween and ready to discuss Apple’s “Scary Fast” event. Online controversy erupted over the “Filmed on iPhone” tag at the end. The incorporation of an iPhone into a legitimate “professional” workflow and the resulting hoopla got us thinking about what other opportunities are afforded developers and creatives on Apple platforms in this new Apple Silicon/USB-C/Soon to be VisionOS era! From filmmaking to game development to “AI” model training and more, we look at some of the things you can do now that you couldn’t do, or do nearly as well, a few short years ago. Plus, amazing programmer dad jokes and Steve and Kotaro propose Aaron tackle the question: “Hotdog or sausage?” It’s a fun episode with a lot to digest. Give us your thoughts about opportunities on the PhillyCocoa Slack!

Topics Discussed:

Intro music: “When I Hit the Floor”, © 2021 Lorne Behrman. Used with permission of the artist.