Jim Yurchenco : Reflecting on 35 Years at IDEO

Jim Yurchenco : Reflecting on 35 Years at IDEO from IDEO on Vimeo.

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Humans Need Not Apply

Somewhat scary to know in some ways we are building tools to ultimately replace us.

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Apple - iPad - TV Ad - Yaoband’s Verse

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August Meeting Agenda

The next Philly CocoaHeads meeting will be Thursday, August 14th from 6:30pm - 9pm at the Apple Store on 16th and Walnut. After meeting drinks will commence at Nodding Head Brewery located at 1516 Sansom Street.

Please RSVP via Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/PhillyCocoaHeads/

When you arrive at the Apple Store let one of the store employees know you are there for CocoaHeads and they will let you into the back where you can come up to the second floor briefing room space. If you are having any trouble feel free to call MikeZ’s cell (267-563-0616).

For folks who drive in and need parking one lot recommend by the store is from Patriot Parking on Chancellor Street.


Meeting Agenda

Group Business

  • Next “Side Project Saturday” is Saturday, Sept 6th @ IndyHall (Date Change!)
  • CocoaLove Tickets are for sale! See: CocoaLove.org
  • Workshop: Intermediate Objective-C, is sold out.
  • GDI Class: Introduction to iOS announced.


We’d like to welcome Twilio who has agreed to a long term sponsorship of Philly CocoaHeads.

Twilio is a software and cloud-based communications platform that enables the rapid build and deploy of powerful, flexible business communications solutions.

For more info check out their website and if you have any question please contact Brent Schooley brent@twilio.com.

Show and Tell

In addition to being an open mic to demo new apps or code, Show and Tell also invites people to bring problems or design issues they are encountering in current projects for feedback.

Some planned show and tell includes:

  • Amit Rao - Unit Testing / Code Coverage
  • Kostas Nasis - iPad wall installation
  • Michael Raber - Auto Layout sans Interface Builder
  • Andrew Theken - a quick tour of iAd workbench/producer.
  • App Demo: Happ Puzzle - Hugh O’Neill


Matthew Smollinger - Moving Beyond REST: Mobilizing your data on iOS!

In the past few years, seemingly every device has become “Smart.” Everything from your television to your toothbrush now stores, retrieves, and displays information from the Internet, and from that device’s surroundings. In this glorious new domain of the “Personal” Area Network, is there a place for good ol’ REST when many of these devices don’t even connect directly to the Internet? I’ll show you why, with the help of our new SDK friends CloudKit, HealthKit, and Multipeer Connectivity Framework, it’s time to give REST some rest.

About CocoaHeads

PhillyCocoa is the Philadelphia area Mac and iPhone programming group, a chapter of the worldwide CocoaHeads. All skill levels are welcome. The only requirement is an interest in Apple-related technologies and moderate tolerance for geeking out.

The main CocoaHeads presentation-style meeting is the second Thursday of every month. We also hold a Side Project Saturday event the last Saturday of the month. For more on our events see our Meetup page:


We are always looking for feedback and suggestions on what topics to discuss at our meetings. Please reach out if you have any comments.

Group website: http://phillycocoa.org

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The Adobe Illustrator Story

The Adobe Illustrator Story from Terry Hemphill on Vimeo.

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Instance Methods are Curried Functions in Swift

You like Curry? How about Curried Function? Swift gots your curried function!

Instance Methods are Curried Functions in Swift

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Prototyping iOS Animations In Swift

We’re all going to have to do a better job figuring out how to make some amazing animation. Nice to try to do more prototype in Xcode as oppose to something with a slight bit of overkill like After Effects.

I mean After Effects is AMAZING but was never intended for UI Animation prototyping.


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Updating for Modern iOS Design – A Case Study

An interest case study of an app that is follow a lot of ideal iOS7 UI/UX with interesting and obvious UI animation transitions.

Updating for Modern iOS Design – A Case Study

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But Should I…Swift?

I also get a lot of people coming out of the wood works saying how much they hate Objective-C and want to try Swift. A fair amount being from a dynamic language like Javascript or Ruby.

Swift is awesome but its still beta and has a lot of rough edges. Swift also doesn’t shield you from Objective-C in a lot of cases. You still have to understand UIKit which is heavy in Obj-C terminologies.

Maybe in 2 years that’ll change, but going Swift now should be consider more of a academic exercise for new projects rather than relying on it to handle existing projects.

But Should I…Swift?

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Looking Up

In the face of some doom-and-gloom blog posts lately, our very own Joe Cieplinski provides his own point of view as an indie developer. One of more hope and audacity vs “its over. gold rush as end. let’s give up.”

Looking Up

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