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PhillyCocoa Presents Side Project Spotlight is a podcast for app builders, documenting the process of producing real apps for the Apple App Store.

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#S1E4: Welcome to My Objective-C TED Talk

Sprint 3 is over and Kotaro has made progress on the UI with a complete app skeleton now linked together, but is still working on the core swipe animation. Meanwhile, Steve found notifications a little harder to setup in a SwiftUI environment than expected, but got the basic plumbing working when he wasn’t editing the podcast. Aaron is the Sprint MVP as he updated the data managers so that Kanji can be retrieved from the database with ease and user stats saved on demand. [More Info]

#S1E3: We Have Data!

Sprint 2 is done and we have data! In this episode, we check-in on our goals for the sprint and discuss what got done, what didn’t, and some interesting issues that came up along the way. Now that we have Kanji data in the Core Data database, we can shift focus to building the UI for the app and notifications for next time. Follow-up from last sprint: Wireframes and prototype UI Kanji database parsed into JSON Core Data stack setup Everyone get the app built and run on their watches Look into how notifications might work Get a podcast website setup Steve Got podcast website done No notifications Aaron Got subset of data parsed into Core Data (3,000 kanji! [More Info]

#S1E2: Data Structures & UI Considerations

Our first sprint encountered some hiccups and we are off to a slow start, but progress has been made! This week, we have some follow-up about changes to our initial App Store Connect environment, describe how we setup the podcast, and spend the majority of the meeting talking about data sources, structures, and UI. Topics include: Switching to an App Store Connect Team account for development Podcast infrastructure setup with Anchor. [More Info]

#S1E1: Kanji Flash Card App Kickoff

For our inaugural season, we (Kotaro, Steve, and Aaron) are building a watchOS Kanji flashcard app and documenting our journey. This week, we tackle the initial project infrastructure setup and talk next steps. Topics include: Github project setup and .gitignore App Store Connect Users New up a Xcode Project from a template What is this app all about? Initial wireframes Kanji database options [More Info]