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PhillyCocoa Presents Side Project Spotlight is a podcast for app builders, documenting the process of producing real apps for the Apple App Store.

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#26: Gilligan's Dynamic Island

The trio is back this week with some follow-up to Kotaro’s solo episode and some spicy takes on The Verge’s re-design. Steve tells the tale of how he was stymied by an obvious bug until Aaron fixed it and this leads into some discussion about the challenge in learning new mental models and the importance of having someone else read your code when you are stuck. Meanwhile, Kotaro promises he is working on the UI layouts and the big news since last episode was the new Dynamic Island feature in the iPhone 14 Pro models! [More Info]

#25: A Developer's Journey

Due to scheduling conflicts, this week is a special solo episode featuring Kotaro! People often ask us in PhillyCocoa how to become an iOS developer. Listen as Kotaro gives his recommendations on how to start your Apple Developer journey whether you are a complete novice or an experienced developer in another speciality. Also hear about Kotaro’s own journey into iOS development back when Objective-C was still a thing! This episode features 100% less Steve and Aaron, but is full of useful advice and fun Kotaro anecdotes. [More Info]

#24: Jira Is Trying to Kill You!

This week the trio review the PickleJarTodo journey so far before discussing the trials and tribulations of macOS betas, bringing back tasteful skeuomorphism in our app, adding playfulness via animation, and why copy is important. Aaron describes his solution to our NavigationSplitView dilemma, Steve discusses some Core Data architecture patterns, and Old Man Kotaro Story Time and a project management tools discussion result in some entertaining hot takes and rants. [More Info]

#23: It's A Trap!

In this episode, Kotaro has some more thoughts about respecting the platform and we get into an interesting discussion about the how, when, and why of using SwiftUI as a prototyping tool. Then, Kotaro reveals his UI epiphany for the iPhone version of PickleJar. Finally, Steve inadvertently creates a Not a Sponsor segment and the productivity app world is introduced to the idea of “Aaron Mode.” Topics Discussed: Follow-Up: Respecting the Platform Using SwiftUI as a Prototyping Tool Sketch Is an Exemplary “Mac” App Collaborative Prototyping With SwiftUI Mockup/Prototyping Tools https://sketch. [More Info]

#22: Respecting The Platform

This week, the trio is back from our first IRL meetup in two years! We provide an update on PickleJar including CoreData refactoring, architecture patterns, new UI sketches, a possible Radar-worthy bug, and we ask the big question, has Apple decided that Hamburger Menus are cool again? In the second half of the episode, we discuss the latest native vs web technology debate sparked by a Paul Hudson tweet about Notion switching to native views in their iOS app. [More Info]

#21: A-Hole Mode

This week, Kotaro’s struggles with UI block leads into a discussion about the primary views that need to be updated, some priorities for the UX, and because this is a side project, we dream big about extra features before we’ve even gotten the core done, including A-Hole mode, the perfect way to motivate yourself when positive reinforcement fails. Considering our slow progress, maybe we should implement that feature first! [More Info]

#20: MVVM + Core Data

Progress has been made on the app and as we move beyond simple prototyping into trying to make a functional MVP for other people to eventually use, how we structure our code becomes more important. This week, we discuss the MVVM architecture pattern and how well it does and doesn’t get along with Core Data. Then, Kotaro leads us on a UI/UX design discussion, partially inspired by “the most satisfying checkbox. [More Info]

#19: SwiftUI Is "The Way"

WWDC22 has come and gone and boy was it full of developer goodies this year! This week, the trio first survey some of their favorite announcements from WWDC22 before diving into a discussion about how to pivot the todo app development in light of the upcoming OS changes. Be sure to check out this week’s Not a Sponsor and Apple Design Award Winner: Slopes Topics Discussed: WWDC22 SwiftUI is The Way App Intents WeatherKit Passkey AR/Metal CarPlay Lock Screen Widgets Xcode Live Previews Swift Charts Swift Regex SwiftUI Navigation Losing Platform Distinction? [More Info]

#18: WWDC22 Speculation!

Just in time for the weekend plane ride to Cupertino, it’s our WWDC22 speculation episode! We talk about some of things we hope to see at this year’s WWDC including new hardware, iOS 16 features, and dev tool improvements. Plus, Kotaro provides a bonus tip about how you can glimpse the future by subscribing to the Swift Evolution mailing list. If you’d like to join us at our virtual keynote watch party, RSVP and join our Slack! [More Info]

#17: Fingerpicking Good

This week, we return to our Todo App project. Coding has stalled because we didn’t have a specific enough idea of exactly WHAT the app is supposed to be all about. Problem definition is hard and this week Steve presents his thoughts on how to move forward based on his research into some existing digital and paper habit tracking systems. Then we sketch some specific app feature requirements where we coalesce around the idea of tracking something akin to “epics,” provide positive reinforcement via widgets, and support Siri Intents for use in the Shortcuts app. [More Info]