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PhillyCocoa Presents Side Project Spotlight is a podcast for app builders, documenting the process of producing real apps for the Apple App Store.

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#41: Package Oriented Programming

This week, the trio celebrates their podcast mid-life crisis by discussing a concept coined by Daniel Steinberg in a 2022 talk, “Packaged Oriented Programming.” How do you organize your app using Swift Package Manager packages? What are the benefits and costs? There is also some discussion on dealing with JSON API changes, using Codable vs DTOs, and strategies for caching external package dependencies for the longterm. Be sure to stay until the end where Kotaro engages in some live “prompt engineering” with Chat GPT that generates some impressively bad jokes. [More Info]

#40: "Going Indie"

This week, Steve engages in a little “proompt engineering” with Bing, we bring back our Not a Sponsor segment to share how impressed we are with Clip Dish, and then we discuss the topic that all Apple dev podcasts must tackle at least once, “going indie.” We focus on some of the logistics like whether you should use a company App Store account, how important it is to get an accountant, and ideas on revenue models, the special challenges of being an indie game dev, and end with some advice on getting started consulting. [More Info]

#39: The Spirit of Skeuomorphism

The trio is back from The State of the Mobile Union event where fun was had by all and minds were expanded about the possibilities of mobile development! Plus, the Comcast Technology Center is cool! We continue to slowly build PickleJarTodo with Kotaro putting into practice the ideas he espoused at his talk for our UI. In our newly restored Not a Sponsor segment, we check-in with the current state of Arpit’s GroceryTimer app, which might just be what Steve needs to avoid rotten strawberries. [More Info]

#38: AI Part Duex

This week, the trio wonder about the nature of a “sprint” and Steve takes his first tentative steps into whatever circle of Hell is reserved for Jira. The three amigos then revisit the topic of “AI” tools since this space is moving at warp speed. Kotaro and Steve talk about their experiences with ChatGPT and Bing before discussing some of the machine learning tools already available from Apple. Kotaro talks about diffusion model image workflows and the concerns of visual artists. [More Info]

#37: How to Learn

This week, Steve makes progress building a log screen, but not without encountering obstacles. Then the trio dives into a discussion about how we learn. What works for us, what doesn’t, what are good resources? It’s a content-rich episode full of tips, some possibly questionable anecdotes, a dash of philosophy, and so, so many links. It’s a little haphazardly presented, but that’s just our charm! Topics Discussed: PickleJarTodo Update [More Info]

#36: 1,000 Tablespoons of Salt

On this exciting episode, incremental progress has been made with PickleJarTodo! I know, you’re in awe at our productivity. But, the bulk of the episode is a semi-literate discussion about the latest crop of “AI” tools and their potential impact on our discipline of software development. From the current crop of tools like ChatGPT and CoPilot to potential uses in designer/developer collaboration and even full app generation, this discussion is preliminary, but interesting, and we will surely revisit the topic in the future as we gain knowledge and experience in the space. [More Info]

#35: A Hot Mess of Jank

Steve’s voice is back…like 95%! Tune in this week for an update about PickleJarTodo where, as usual, we quickly go off the rails into a classic Kotaro rant about JIRA! We also have some discussion about the perennial SwiftUI issue, integrating Core Data. Plus, some pros and cons we have found trying to use GitHub Projects and we end by setting some semi-realistic goals for next time! Topics Discussed: PickleJarTodo Update Side Projects Can Help Day Job Projects GitHub Projects Tickets Kotaro Rants About JIRA Slowness. [More Info]

#34: New Plan

Steve lives! The trio is back this week and while Steve still sounds like a frog has taken up residence in his throat, the show must go on! In this episode, we discuss the plan for the next few months, make some goals, assign some tasks, and go off on tangents about Apple backends, Disney World weirdness, and the awesomeness of the Ren Faire. New year, new plan! Let’s gooooooo! [More Info]

#33: A New Year

Steve is still recovering from some bad laryngitis and we should be back to our regular schedule next podcast. In the meantime, Kotaro provides some quick updates about the pod, the app, and his personal goals for the new year. Stay to the end to hear examples of what our future robot overlords consider developer “jokes.” Welcome to 2023! We hope you build some cool stuff this year. [More Info]

#32: A Developer's Journey to Embracing SwiftUI

It’s the final episode of 2022! This week, Steve is solo as he puts on his best “podcast voice” to talk about his personal journey to embracing SwiftUI over the last year. See you in 2023! Topics Discussed: Steve’s journey to embracing SwiftUI WWDC22 turning point Integrating SwiftUI and UIKit Living the SwiftUI Preview lifestyle Greenfield app prototyping with SwiftUI Better cross-platform collaboration with SwiftUI Feeling re-invigorated about Apple app development Intro music: “When I Hit the Floor”, © 2021 Lorne Behrman. [More Info]